About us

Welcome to Abbey Forged Products

Since 1982

Established in 1982, Abbey Forged Products can boast a history of continuous investment unrivalled within the forging industry. Constantly manufacturing our customers high quality forgings for use within the most demanding and critical environments including deep water subsea components, nuclear, aerospace, and nuclear submarine components and assemblies to meet very high profile programmes.

As the UK’s most modern forging facility we utilise open-die forging presses and open die hammers, covering a very extensive weight range, and an infinite variety of material grades. Bespoke products achieved using a mixture of both traditional and modern forging techniques to meet best practice.

We provide complete traceability, and the opportunity for customers and witnesses to monitor the complete manufacturing process on one site. We can provide real – time visual monitoring from an off-site location, if the timing of an event proved difficult to attend. We also have in daily attendance a third-party witness, whose integrity is beyond doubt, and who can respond at short notice if this was appropriate or needed.

Part of the service provided by Abbey is that of Project Management, whether it be large or relatively small. A customer will have access to our technical, quality, sales personnel, to fully discuss and plan on an ongoing basis all aspects of their requirement. When all discussions bear fruit and the order is launched, an experienced nominated person will oversee the job in its entirety, keeping you the customer fully informed at all times. We are very experienced in dealing with orders embedded with complex demands, that encompass a number of parties in the supply chain, all of whom need to be heard and their needs met. Addressing such demands well is part of Abbey’s history and success story.

High Integrity Forged Parts

Our large raw material stocks of ingot, billet, and bar; including carbon, stainless, duplex, super duplex, and nickel-based alloys, are kept within one of our Sheffield locations, allowing rapid response to any demand.

With our unique Express Service, customers are able to purchase forgings with delivery times commencing from seven days allowing for urgent projects to be delivered on time to meet breakdown requirements.

  • Oil & Gas

    Including weld-neck, blind, orifice flanges, rings, manifold blocks, valve blocks tubing heads, spools, nozzles, connectors and adaptors together with other bespoke items.

  • Nuclear Defence

    Including safety critical components utilised within the nuclear island, propulsion and weapons assemblies on both past and present nuclear submarine programs including, Trafalgar, Vanguard, Astute and currently Dreadnought classes.

  • Civil Nuclear

    Including high pressure components within the following assemblies, the coolant and condenser pump, steam generation and pressurised water reactor.

  • Aerospace

    Critical forged parts utilised within both the landing gear and engine assemblies.