COVID-19, Business Continuity

Our business have taken all necessary steps to safe guard our employees, visitors, contractors, clients and business at this difficult time.  We have been running at full capacity throughout the pandemic, and have the necessary measures in place to quickly scale up or down dependant on production requirements.

We regularly review our Company Covid-19 Risk Assessment in order to ensure we have considered everything reasonably practicable to minimise the risk of coronavirus to our staff, visitors, contractors and clients, in line with the latest Government, Public Health England and NHS advice.


  1. Protecting Our Employees

We have implemented an array of measures to keep our employees safe, including but not limited to:-

  • Daily temperature checks on arrival
  • Face masks
  • Detailed and regular communications on expected standards of hygiene, with pop up hand wash stations strategically placed around the premises.
  • Increased cleaning regimes
  • Social distancing with prompts throughout the premises
  • Movement around the business is limited, with segregated break areas to avoid merging of staff groups.
  • Staggered shifts
  • Home working where and when possible
  • Meeting rooms have been adapted to create more working space, with maximum capacity notices displayed.
  • Remote connections for meetings wherever possible.
  • Business travel has been reduced to essential only


Employees receive regular Employee Communications to ensure they are well briefed on all up to date procedures relating to COVID-19.


  1. Sustaining Production

We have a multiskilled workforce, should we see a decline in staffing levels we will be able to re-deploy staff accordingly in order to minimise delays.  Should this change we will advise Stakeholders accordingly.


  1. Supply Chain

At present we have experienced no interruptions with our supply chain.  We are currently running at full capability and to our delivery dates.


  1. Visitors to Premises

At this current time, only strictly necessary visitors to our premises are permitted.  Wherever possible remote connections are the preferred method.  Should a visit be permitted, the Company’s ‘COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire’ must be completed prior to the visit, and visitors must:-

  • Have their temperature checked on arrival
  • Wear a face covering throughout their stay
  • Have a Security briefing on arrival to ensure they are aware of the measures they must follow through out their visit.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing at all times
  • Hand wash stations are positioned at integral points throughout the premises which must be used.
  • Contractors will need to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment, and provide RAMS (which should include reference to COVID-19).


  1. Deliveries to site

Delivery drivers will be briefed on the safety measures they must follow by the Security team when they visit our site, which include remaining in their cab whilst product is being loaded/unloaded, only to exit their cab when they are opening the lorry curtain.  They must also remain 2m apart from our employees at all times.

We continue to regularly review our COVID-19 Business Strategy and Workplace Risk Assessment to ensure we are ready to react as necessary in these unprecedented times.  Should we experience any disruptions we will communicate promptly with our stakeholders.

We sincerely hope you, your business and loved ones are not affected, and wish you well.

If you have any queries regarding our approach to the current climate please do not hesitate to contact us.