Oil & Gas Alloys

Abbey Forged Products stock a diverse range of Carbon, Carbon-Manganese and Alloy steels to cover General Engineering, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Aerospace applications. Each alloy has it’s own unique set of capabilities optimised by the strict control of chemical composition and manufacturing procedures.

Bespoke chemistries and specific forge and heat treatment procedures are designed as required by customers individual needs. Stock is held for all grades with long term agreements being in place for additional quantity or alternate grades through a strictly controlled network of mills and stockists.


070M20 G10200 1.0402 A29 AISI 1020 EN3A
070M55 1.0535 A29 AISI 1055 EN 9 / C55E
080M40 G10400 1.1186 A29 AISI 1040 EN8 / C40E
150M19 1.1160 A29 AISI 1524 EN14A
655M13 G93106 1.5752 14NiCr4 EN36A
665M17 A29 AISI 4617 15NiMo8 EN34
709M40 S41400 1.7225 A29 AISI 4142 42CrMo4 EN19
817M40 1.6528 A29 AISI 4340 34CrNiMo6 EN24
B24 A540 B24 (4340 Mod)
826M40 1.6745 40NiMoCr10-5 EN26
A105 K03504 1.0482 A105
A350 LF2 K03011 1.0566 A350 LF2
A350 LF3 K32025 1.5637 A350 LF3 10Ni14
A694 F52/F60/F65/F70 A694
4130 G41300 1.7218 A29 AISI 4130 25CrMo4
4140 G41400 1.7225 A29 AISI 4140 42CrMo4 EN19
4330 K23080 1.6562 A29 AISI 4330
4340 G43400 1.6511 A29 AISI 4340 36CrNiMo4
8630 G86300 1.6545 A29 AISI 8630 30NiCrMo2-2
F5 K41545 1.7362 A182 F5
F9 K90941 1.7386 A182 F9
F11 K11597/K11572 1.7335 A182 F11
F12 K11562/K11564 1.7335 A182 F12
F22 K21590 1.7380 A182 F22 10CrMo9-10
F91 K90901 1.4903 A182 F91