We have a full range of automatic bandsaws capable of cutting the smallest section up to 800mm. We have the capacity to operate 24/7 to suit market conditions, and a veteran team of operators fully skilled in cutting our extraordinary material inventory. With this capability and our extensive stock we can instigate the processing of premium and express orders on a same day basis, enabling an excellent order turnaround when you the customer most needs it.

Our sawmen utilise their department computer system for order cutting instruction and cutting sign off, so that information provision by and for production is real-time, seamless and efficient. This is just part of our streamlined production process and the well-controlled launch of your order.

This dept. is also able to support out Test House, if and when their own saw dept comes under serious pressure for test results. The saw dept also takes responsibility for restocking product, maintaining exact marking procedures, and very accurate relocation records.

Following the logged cutting of product, the forge is also automatically notified it is available, and material is rapidly transferred to the appropriate nominated hammer ready for furnace charge.

The forge computer system provides full detail from original input of technical, sales, and quality, in order to carry out their operation in an exacting manner, noting if witnessing is required.