Project Management

This heading may well cover on a daily basis, small and very large orders, depending on their critical importance to our customer. Typically, projects are dealt with according to complexity, but normally commence with a meeting with the customer/s (may involve a supply chain who all require input) and Abbey personnel – technical, sales, quality, production, initially to outline demands and proposals. There may be several follow up meetings to iron out the details of processing methods, witness points etc, so all are clear regarding timing and operations. Further to this when the order is launched, a lead employee will take responsibility for the order and then monitor and pursue all processing, liaising with all department heads regarding expectation, to ensure the progress is maintained as expected and predicted. The customer will be kept informed at all times of the situation and that targets are being met. All witness points will be pre-notified, so no issues arise from non-attendance. In the event of an inability to attend, we have the ability to provide full photographic/video evidence.

Our goal is always to provide absolute customer satisfaction, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances and we work tirelessly to this end.