Research & Development

Since the inception of Abbey we have maintained a focus on improvement, efficiencies and innovation.  Each department, with the help of a fantastic I. T. team, are challenged with gaining ground, via diversity, new products, product betterment, new tooling design etc.

We have recently established a professional, talented and experienced group to dedicate time and effort to research and develop all areas of activity in the Company, and to consider all possibilities for our growth and expansion.

Historically we have commissioned and installed bespoke systems which are much admired by customers and visitors as best in class, be it our visitor handling system and protocols, training, manufacturing management, or health and safety systems.  Product and tooling design for new product and customer bespoke requirements have also enhanced our reputation in this arena.

We have seamless production routing and monitoring, featuring automation and total real time visibility, both forward and retrospectively, for all relevant parties.  In order to achieve our purpose in all these areas, we have a norm of consultation with all departments from ‘idea’ stage through concept review right up to final fruition.

Important data collection and interrogation allows us to carry out metallurgical research and investigation through trials, which then provides generally superior mechanical results where this has been the goal.  Heat treatment/ quench times etc., and the test house management system ( LIMS )  are world class systems.  All the information we need and utilise is on a real time basis, and for customer relations and predictability this is pure gold.

The ultimate goal from all these efforts is to provide our customers with a consistently superior quality product, with all possible cost efficiencies applied, timely accurate information provided throughout the order processing, to delivery with all the required accurate certification and information.